About Typopixo

Typopixo offers multi-color fonts for web and screen.

Typopixo fonts are:

• working on all major browsers

• search engine friendly

• fast

• hosted on your own server

What do I get?
When you order a webfont at typopixo you receive a .zip package which contains two Javascript files, a PNG file with the font and a HTML file for testing. If you follow the instructions here the files can be easily implemented in the .css stylesheets of your website. The files are hosted on your own server.

What is the size?
Every fontpackage you buy is generated on a standard pixel height of 100 and 200 pixels. Contact us if you need special sizes. We can generate all fontsizes on request.

Special wishes?
Every Typopixo font you buy is designed with accuracy and great care. Contact us if you need special colors or special glyphs. If necessary we can bring you in contact with the designers. We can customize all fonts to your needs. Do you need a completely new designed font? We can design a new typeface for you in every possible color-combination and in every possible typographic style. Feel free to contact us. We will be happy to show you all different kind of possibilities.

Typopixo is an online boutique typefoundry specialized in multi-color webfonts. We are based in Amsterdam, The Netherlands. We collaborate with highly skilled typedesigners, lettering artists, Javascript developers and HTML experts. Send us an email if you like to work with us. Tell us about your skills and send some examples of your work.
Once you've ordered a Typopixo-font and your payment has been confirmed, your order will be delivered within 24 hours CET.

Please contact us if you have any questions regarding multi-color typedesign, the technique behind our fonts or customized typedesign. We will be happy to show you all possibilities.